Would you abandon your normal life for 8 weeks in order to finally speak Spanish?!

We plan to launch the world's very first Spanish Bootcamp in 2017:
8 weeks, 1 villa, 2 teachers, 10 participants, and 24 hours speaking, listening, writing and dreaming Spanish.

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Find out why you’re not truly learning Spanish, even if you are doing full immersion courses:

Have you already signed up for a Spanish course once? Twice? Or maybe even more times?

Despite this maybe you never reached the level, let's call it the BLAB level, where you were able to speak freely to any and everyone without struggling and searching for the right words.

We know that problem.

We have heard it a thousand times in the last 15 years from the students at our Spanish Academy. If you were one of these students, you would have already booked an intensive Spanish course for one or several weeks, you would have gone to class for 4, 5 or even 6 hours every day, and you would have surely learned a lot.

And what happens after the classes?

If you are studying in Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country, and you are like most of our students, then, after leaving the classroom, you don't typically speak Spanish.

In the beginning, you try hard to do just that, but when it comes to getting to know new people who you want to communicate with in the best possible way, then human nature kicks in. And how is that done? Well, by speaking the language that every Spanish learner usually knows better than Spanish: English.

During break times, leisure activities and nighttime parties, they speak in their mother tongue or in English.

So, let's repeat that - 95% of the students doing a Spanish intensive course in Spain almost don't speak any Spanish throughout regular everyday activities after the classes.

But that's not the only problem.

After the language vacation, you return home and get back into your job or your studies where you don't practice Spanish at all and therefore probably will forget most of what you were taught.

The following year when you want to do the next course, instead of being able to do that, you have to start all over again at the same level that you covered the year before.

That's why you probably don't get to that BLAB level even if you choose full immersion courses in Spanish-speaking countries.